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How to Choose an Online Bookkeeping Service

Let's be honest, we all wish we can only dedicate our focus and attention on what we want and like to do. And that's rarely bookkeeping. It's better to outsource it to experts so you have some additional free time to focus on core business. Follow these 5 steps to choose an online bookkeeping service for your company. 

1. Determine the services you need 

As a business owner or a self-employed individual, bookkeeping is a must to run your business smoothly and sort out taxes. But in most cases, you might need more than just bookkeeping. For instance, if you don't have a dedicated team for payroll management or doing taxes, you'll also need those services from an online accounting firm. List down all the services you'll require before you start searching.  

2. Find service providers online

The best online bookkeeping service is just a search away. Make optimum use of the internet to find a virtual accounting firm that offers bookkeeping. You might handpick 3-4 companies and evaluate them after getting in touch with their teams. 

3. Schedule a call 

Online bookkeeping firms generally offer a free consultation to answer your queries and give you more information about their services. After you have filtered out 3-4 companies, go to their websites and schedule a call with each of them. This is a crucial step, as it's during this time you'll understand whether the company is a right fit for you or not. 

4. Ask which software they use 

From maintaining daily records of transactions to storing them safely, software plays an important role when you're using an online bookkeeping service. During the call, ask the representative about their process, how they want to manage the workload (daily, weekly, or monthly basis), and what software they use. It's all the better if you're familiar with the software, so keeping track and accessing information won't be an issue. 

5. Get to know their pricing

Don't forget to ask about their pricing—whether they charge by the hour or a flat fee, how much the service will cost you every month, and if they have any discounts if you opt for multiple services. If their quote meets your budget, you can proceed with finalizing the deal. However, remember that pricing shouldn't be the only parameter to choose a company. Make sure to do a fair evaluation of the aspects we mentioned above, and go with a company that ticks those boxes, and also offers fair, transparent pricing. 

Want flawless bookkeeping, taxation, payroll, and other related services? Our team at Accountants Now is here to help you. Contact us today for more details. 

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